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By Tom Knighton

I-1639, a gun control initiative, is back on the ballot in Washington state after the state supreme court ruled that the law “does not allow for pre-election judicial review of the form, process, substance, or constitutionality of an initiative petition.”

Gun store owners in Washington are now concerned about what that means for the future.

The Washington State Supreme Court late Friday afternoon reversed a Thurston County judge’s decision, which has cleared the way for a gun-control initiative to appear on the November ballot.

Sharp Shooting gun store owner Robin Ball says this decision is going to have impacts.

“It reduces access for people going out and hunting and wanting to buy something new,” said Ball.

Ball says the initiative will limit the sales of long guns across state lines which could end up hurting businesses like hers.

“We work a lot with Idaho residents on long guns, and that will no longer be allowed under this,” said Ball. “So it is kind of a business killer for those of us in border communities.”

They’re not wrong to be concerned. Any gun control law will have an impact.

As I-1639 will also raise the age limit for purchasing long guns to 21, …Read the Rest

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