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By Brian Seay

A still from Ghost Recon: Wildlands. (Photo: Ubisoft)
YouTube is making it harder for certain content creators to make any money off videos posted to the site, including videos deemed violent, or ones that revolve around video games featuring guns.
The video hub released a new set of “advertiser-friendly content guidelines” earlier this year, and in recent weeks, advertisements have been coming down for certain content creators, according to Forbes.
“We aren’t telling you what to create—each and every creator on YouTube is unique and contributes to the vibrancy of YouTube,” the guidelines say. “However, advertisers also have a choice about where to show their ads. As with everything related to YouTube, use your common sense, don’t abuse the site, and be respectful of others.”
Included in the list of content that isn’t eligible for advertising is controversial issues and sensitive events, drugs and dangerous products or substances, harmful or dangerous acts, hateful content, inappropriate language, inappropriate use of family entertainment characters, incendiary and demeaning content, sexually suggestive content, and violent content. Under the violence section, YouTube says violence in video games is okay, as long as it’s not gratuitous.
“Video content where the focal point is on blood, violence, or injury, when presented without


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