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By Tom Knighton

Over the years, numerous gun channels on YouTube have mentioned their troubles with the internet streaming service. This has been an ongoing problem with YouTube, with numerous reports existing of channels having videos demonetized for ridiculous reasons. By ridiculous, I mean videos and channels supposedly violating the terms of service, but that don’t actually violate the terms of service.

Now, YouTube has a policy where all firearms related content is restricted and demonetized from the start, and can only be approved after a set of human eyeballs at YouTube approves it.

Well, as The Truth About Guns reports, maybe not all firearms related content.

As we reported, YouTube has instituted a new policy for firearms-related content. ALL gun videos are automatically restricted — and thus demonetized and delisted by their search engine– until a YouTube censor views and approves them (a process that can take up to seven days). Well, not all firearms-related content . . .

The NRA’s [ad-free] videos are not restricted (i.e. they’re not removed from view or search when a user switches to restricted mode). This may have to do with the fact that the NRA spends tens …Read the Rest

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