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By Lee Williams

Two completed GST-9 pistol kits and their drilling jigs, which 80% Arms sent to the author to build for a story. (Author’s photo).by Lee WilliamsThe American tradition of home gunsmithing was not specifically codified in the Constitution. Perhaps it should have been.I understand why the Founders left it out. They were practical men, of course, chock-full of common sense. They knew Americans couldn’t fully enjoy their newfound right to keep and bear arms without the ability to build and maintain firearms in their homes, so why add unnecessary verbiage to a document that was already running a bit long.Unfortunately, the Founders had no idea how their brilliant composition would be misused, misquoted and misinterpreted a couple centuries later, by prosecutors, judges and politicians whom they would have tarred, feathered and run out of town on a rail.I had never built a firearm in my home or anywhere else until last year, when 80% Arms offered to send me two GST-9 pistol kits. They were looking for someone with zero gunsmithing experience — I certainly qualified — to build the pistols and chronicle the experience.From start to finish the entire build process was incredible, but truth be told, I was a

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