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By Patriot Outdoor News

They’re baaaack! The most adorable of all airport menaces are again wreaking havoc on parked cars at Denver International Airport and this time, they left a pilot stranded in the employee parking lot. When Robert Favuzza returned to his car, he discovered that some of the airport’s rabbits had helped themselves to the wires underneath his car, chewing their way through the transmission cables. He told KDVR:

The wiring to sensors on my transmission were chewed to the tune of $428. When I took it in, they told me many German cars have wires that have a soy based coating on them, something rabbits seem to like to chew on.

He’s right about the soy coating being tasty to rabbits; local mechanics have blamed the coating for other rabbit incidents. He’s also out $400 of his own money, as his insurance doesn’t cover Damage By Rabbit. Favuzza isn’t the only one to have run-ins with a fuzzy, floppy eared jerk; the Denver Airport has had this problem since at least 2009. At one point in 2012, the USDA was capturing more than 100 rabbits every day and removing them from the property because, not only do the bunnies …read more

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