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By Rebecca Jones

The 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session began last Tuesday, January 10, and two GOA-backed bills have already been introduced by Representative Jeremy Haroldson [R] from Wheatland.
The 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session Runs from January 10 – March 3
While we expect even more GOA-supported bills in the coming days, we wanted to update our members on these first two bills.
HB0104 is a bill that will allow predator hunting on public lands with night vision. Currently, the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission restricts the use of artificial lights, thermal imaging, infrared imaging, and other lights to private lands only. This makes almost one-half of the Cowboy State off limits to hunters and restricts hunter opportunity significantly.
Over 30 states, including blue states like Massachusetts, allow this practice, and there is no biological reason to restrict night vision that would justify this policy by Game and Fish. Accordingly, there is widespread public support to end this unnecessary ban on public land night vision use, and GOA expects HB0104 to receive widespread support.
HB0105 will repeal many gun-free zones for citizens authorized to legally carry a firearm in the state of Wyoming. Places currently off limits to firearms that would be open under this law include many government buildings, the

Source: Gun Owners of America

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