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By Rebecca Jones

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Get Gun Control Out of the Wyoming Statutes!
The 2024 Wyoming Legislative Session runs from February 12 – March 8.
Last year, by a narrow majority, the 2023 Wyoming Legislature slipped gun control into the Wyoming statutes under the guise of restoring Firearms Rights to non-violent felons.
During this process, they made another huge mistake by requiring state authorities to contact the ATF, but not the FBI, when non-violent felons have their Firearms Rights restored.
This ERROR could results in non-violent felons, with Restoration of Rights Certificates issued by the state of Wyoming, unknowingly being flagged by the FBI when trying to exercise their restored Second Amendment Rights.
As passed in 2023, SF0120 (sponsored by Senator Eric Barlow, R – Gillette) restored the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to one-time non-violent felons in Wyoming, which is a concept GOA supports.
However, SF0120 contained gun control provisions not necessary for restoring Rights, and the legislation actually revoked Rights never previously revoked under Wyoming law before 2023.
Essentially, the Wyoming Legislature revoked the firearms rights of non-violent felons under Wyoming law in order to restore them under Federal Law!
There were

Source: Gun Owners of America

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