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By Rebecca Jones

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Repeal Gun Free Zones and Enforce Firearms Privacy!
A GOA-backed bill to Repeal Gun-Free Zones just passed the Wyoming House Judiciary Committee!
Another Bill is moving in the Senate to protect your firearms privacy.
Right now is a critical time!
GOA is asking our members and supporters to contact their Legislators and demand two simple things.
The Repeal of Gun Free Zones (HB0125) that passed the House Judiciary Committee yesterday needs to be passed through the entire Legislature without any weakening amendments!

And the Firearms Privacy Legislation (SF0105) moving on the Senate side needs the addition of a criminal penalty!
Click here to take action now. Ask your elected Legislators to pass the Repeal of Gun Free Zones Bill (HB1025) without any weakening amendments and amend Privacy Protections (SF0105) to include a criminal penalty for anyone who violates your Rights!
HB0125 would allow lawful concealed carry holders to carry on school grounds in Wyoming and to carry in most government buildings except jails, court rooms, etc.
SF0105 would protect your firearms privacy IF A STRONG PENALTY FOR VIOLATION WAS ADDED. In

Source: Gun Owners of America

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