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By Rebecca Jones

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Firearms Privacy Is On The Line – Stop Credit Card Tracking
The 2024 Wyoming Legislature is considering two competing bills claiming to stop the tracking of your firearms purchases.

HB0182 Provides Real Protections
HB0182, sponsored by Representative Allemand (R – Natrona County), and co-sponsored by 38 other members of the Wyoming Legislature, is a REAL FIREARMS PRIVACY PROTECTION BILL.
THIS SIMPLE PRO-GUN BILL lumps firearms purchases made by credit cards into the same category as other “general merchandise” or “sporting goods” at the point of sale.
This bill will make it impossible for financial companies or government authorities to determine if a purchase involves a firearm, sporting item, or simple general merchandise.
While Representative Allemand’s HB0182 represents real protections, many of the same forces that killed a similar bill in Committee last year are attempting to run an alternative to HB0182 this year.
Representative Barry Crago [R] from Buffalo is running HB0151 that actually does nothing to protect your privacy.

HB0151 leaves loopholes for the establishment of registries and loopholes for violators who make “good faith” decisions to establish firearms tracking.

Source: Gun Owners of America

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