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By David Codrea

So is there a credible explanation for Wrangler being credited in a Bloomberg video, or will gun owners decide enough is enough? (Everytown/YouTube)

USA – -( “Members of the fashion industry are teaming up with Everytown for Gun Safety USA to lend their support to a powerful new music video bringing awareness to gun safety in schools,” Teen Vogue crows to its readers. “This is so powerful.”

They would want those with minds ignorant and weak enough to be influenced by their claptrap believe that. After all, these are the pretty little liars trying to eviscerate due process by “closing” a so-called, ridiculous “boyfriend loophole.” They also consider it the height of personal courage to “guide” kids (they’re “teens,” right?) on how they can indulge in anal sex, smearing (sorry, I could have probably chosen a different word) anyone who considers that inappropriate as “homophobic,” that is, a hater.

“Set to SIA’s latest release, ‘Enough,’ the clip features 120 students from The National Dance Institute — a public dance program in New York City — dancing send a message about gun violence,” the agenda piece explains. “To do their part, …Read the Rest

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