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By Jenn Jacques – Tulsa, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports – | I often talk about carrying to prevent becoming a victim, the better-to-have-it-and-not-need-it-than-need-it-and-not-have-it mentality, but stories like these illustrate just how guns are saving lives and sparing people victimhood.

Tulsa police said when two men forced their way into a Tulsa, OK woman’s home Sunday night; she was able to defend herself with a little help from her gun.

“As they continued towards her, she drew the gun up and shot about three rounds at the suspects,” said Corporal RW Solomon.

Police said she wounded one of the suspects by shooting him in the chest before they left in a white four-door car. Officers said that vehicle was later seen dropping that suspect off at a hospital.

Neighbors said it’s a quiet neighborhood, so they were surprised to see what happened at the home.

“Our neighbors are really nice, at least the ones I have met, so it’s usually pretty quiet over here,” April Calvert said.

She is new to the neighborhood and said she was shocked to find out about the home invasion.

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