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The following is a release from Sgt. Caitlyn Byrne and the U.S. Army:

Through a steady fall of rain and then snow, Soldiers, assigned to 3rd Squadron (Wolfpack), 2nd Cavalry Regiment, performed a live-fire squad exercise on Tapa Training Area, Tapa, Estonia, Feb. 3.

Capt. Joe Vanderlip, commander of Iron Troop 3rd Squad (Wolfpack), 2nd Cavalry Regiment, said that the purpose of this exercise was to train squad leaders to control fire and maneuver elements using direct fire control measures, allowing their assault element to close with and destroy the enemy.

“We raised the complexity of this exercise by attaching an M240 gun team to each squad,” Vanderlip said. “This additional asset gave the squad leader a dedicated support by fire, as well as a local support by fire, allowing his assault team to maneuver into position to knock out a bunker. This complexity was challenging to the squad leaders but reinforced the importance of using direct fire control measures, and establishing SOP’s [standard operating procedures] to control their fires.”

The exercise was held over the course of three days, where all squads rehearsed and executed the exercise, rotating positions. Soldiers even …Read the Rest

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