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By Harold Hutchison

Tammy Baldwin


Wisconsin Vote Out Terrible Tammy Baldwin in November

Wisconsin – -( If you have ever seen the sitcom “Parks and Recreation,” one of the “villains” of the series was “Tammy Two,” the ex-wife of one Ron Swanson. She was a terror, always trying to find ways to ruin people’s lives. Well, Second Amendment supporters can top Tammy Two with Tammy Baldwin.

Baldwin won her first Senate term in to represent Wisconsin in 2012, beating former governor Tommy Thompson. She did so despite a 14-year record of hostility towards Second Amendment rights in the House of Representatives. According to Project Vote Smart, in her first term, she voted to end gun shows. Her House tenure also saw her voting to oppose arming pilots in the wake of 9/11, opposing efforts to halt the lawsuits brought by big-city mayors, trial lawyers, and anti-gun extremists twice, opposing an effort to rescind some of the District of Columbia’s onerous gun laws, and voting against concealed-carry reciprocity.

In the Senate, she’s been no better. She voted to ban certain semi-automatic rifles (and other firearms), even though <a target="_blank" href="" target="_blank" …Read the Rest

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