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By Jacki Billings

A group of women aim at targets downrange. (Photo: A Girl & A Girl)
I’ll admit, when I first began thinking on this topic, I had pretty strong feelings towards women’s only classes and their place within the industry. While I have always felt they are useful at the introductory level, I have questioned the efficiency as students move past the early stages in their gun journey into the mid-level and advanced arenas. To me, the question became are women’s only classes really needed past a certain point and do they limit women?
Realizing that I had a certain staunch viewpoint, I decided to reach out to a few women’s instructors to get their opinions on whether women’s only classes are beneficial to students and if so, how they help.
Robyn Sandoval is the Executive Director for A Girl & A Gun, a women’s only shooting group that promotes and provides female only classes and shooting events through local chapters. Sandoval acknowledged that not all women wish to engage in women’s only classes but for the ones that do, female driven courses are extremely beneficial in helping women feel comfortable and learn how to shoot.
“Women’s only classes can be very beneficial for some


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