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By Tom Knighton

When you think of reasoned debate, The Trace isn’t the place you go to look. There’s a reason for that and it didn’t change overnight. The one positive I can say about The Trace is that unlike many places that bill themselves as journalism sites, it wears its biases on its sleeve. You know its content is going to be anti-gun because it’s an anti-gun site. The Trace exists to push for gun control.

I can respect the honest, as opposed to supposedly unbiased news organizations that push gun control habitually.

Over at The Trace, though, it has a Fudd who’s talking all about how more states need to pass age limits for long guns.

Age requirements — and the gaps in federal law — entered the spotlight in February of last year, when a 19-year-old man used a legally purchased AR-15 rifle to murder 14 of his classmates and three school staffers in Parkland, Florida. Research shows that while most mass shootings involve handguns, rifles contribute to higher casualty counts. Furthermore, there are 30 states where individuals may buy guns from a private seller without any background check or even verification of age.

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