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By Brandon Curtis

I am a handgunner first, a shooter second. That may sound odd. A big part of what I do is shooting. But I don’t consider myself a shooter. To me a shooter is a guy who does some plinking with his precision rifle this weekend, maybe does some trap or skeet next weekend, maybe does some 3-gun competition if more serious, etc… I am not that guy. I shoot the handgun. I live the handgun. I occasionally shoot my rifle, but not until after I crank out my mandatory training quota with my handgun. I do some competition, but only games that involve the handgun. I am a handgunner. I like my rifle, but I adore my handgun. Here’s why:

The handgun is my daily companion that gives me “teeth” in my daily life. It is the weapon that makes me a tiger in sheep’s clothing. It does not make me the wolf that is a predator on the innocent sheep. It makes me the sheep that can instantly morph into a tiger when the wolf comes knocking. That is why the handgun is “the gun.” Most of us would agree that, if we knew we were going into a fight, …Read the Rest

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