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By Tom Knighton

One of the banes of every gun forum moderator has to be the inevitable caliber wars. The ugliest tend to be 9mm versus .45 ACP.

As a 9mm guy, I used to enjoy those arguments. It was awesome to get in there and slug it out with the .45 lovers and all that, but as I matured, I learned that one of the more popular arguments in favor of my preferred caliber is pretty damn dumb.

This came to a head after I witnessed yet another caliber war in a Facebook group and then touched on some things in a post from earlier today that may not look related from the outside, but was.

You see, when a .45 guy claims that 9mm is too small, some 9mm proponent will counter with how shot placement is what matters.

Folks, that’s an idiotic argument to make, and here’s why.

1. Shot placement matters for every round

So far, there’s not a single firearm out there that will guarantee a one-shot stop. Not a one. Even .50 BMG doesn’t automatically end the fight, and if that one does, then what hope does any puny handgun round have?

The truth is, shot placement is the deciding factor for every round …Read the Rest

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