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By Jacki Billings

The Man Spot sports a tactical diaper bag alongside a trusty AR. (Photo: Tactical Baby Gear via Facebook)
The operator look, complete with tactically styled bags, has been in vogue for awhile now but it seems that tactical inspiration is creeping into the world of parenting. In specific, that tactical aesthetic can now be found in the realm of diaper bags, but just like anything niche, one has to wonder is a tactical diaper bag necessary for gun owners?
Tactical diaper bags are designed just as they sound, with that ever popular tactical look. A tactical diaper bag functions as any standard diaper bag does. It’s goal is to give parents a means to organize and tote all important baby related necessities. From diapers to wipes to bottles and extra pacifiers, the tactical diaper bag meets all the expectations parents come to expect from a diaper bag but with the added attribute of offering a more stylistic approach.
As more fathers lean in on the parenting process, a trend spearheaded by the millennial generation, dads in particular are gravitating towards options that are less gender specific. High Speed Daddy founder Craig Risoli told that as the father of three kids and as


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