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By Bob Owens


Democrat Governor Jay Nixon can choose to sign a symbolic veto of pro-liberty gun laws in Missouri, but the fact remains that the legislature has veto-proof majorities ensuring that a raft of new self-defense laws will soon go into effect.

Getting a permit to carry a concealed firearm in Missouri is a pretty straightforward process.

Applicants have to complete a gun safety training class and pass a criminal background check performed by the local sheriff. With a clean record and no history of mental illness, a permit must be issued.

But a bill sitting on Gov. Jay Nixon’s desk would make that system moot for many Missourians by eliminating the requirement to get a permit to legally walk around in public with concealed guns. The penalty for carrying a firearm into buildings where it is not allowed would be reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

The wide-ranging legislation, which was approved by Missouri lawmakers in the final hours of the 2016 legislative session, would also implement a so-called stand your ground law that says people no longer have a duty to try to retreat before using lethal force if they think their life is in danger.

It would also expand the castle …Read the Rest

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