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By Tom Knighton

I’ve spent a lot of words about how gun control doesn’t gain as much headway as anti-gunners think it will, and I stand by them all. However, gun control does gain traction in certain places and at certain times. In Florida, for example, you now have to be 21 to buy a hunting rifle. In my home state of Georgia, we don’t.

Not a big deal, huh?

But as Luis Valdes writes over at The Truth About Guns, that’s a crappy way of looking at it.

NEWSFLASH: Gun grabbers won’t stop until every civilian-owned firearm is outlawed. They want total civilian disarmament and a government monopoly on gun ownership.

I have personally spoken against gun control on numerous occasions, in the very halls where our lawmakers violate our civil rights all in the name of public safety.

The thing that always amazes me is how small in number we are when it comes to speaking up for our rights. The gun grabbers are always there in full force, in their red or orange shirts, working to limit our freedoms. They organize, rally, march, and yell for more control and more restrictions on our civil rights. They sacrifice their time and their income …Read the Rest

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