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By Bob Owens

chris baker

Lucky Gunner’s Chris Baker, shooting a Beretta 92 variant.

Over at Lucky Gunner Lounge, Chris Baker has a very compelling explanation for his decision to go against prevailing trends in defensive handguns toward striker-fired guns, back to traditional DA/SA (double-action/single-action) designs.

So now several years down the road, it might seem strange that have recently switched back to primarily shooting and carrying double action pistols. There’s a reason for it, and it goes back to the reason double action pistols were invented to begin with, and that is balancing shootability with safety. Traditional double action handguns offer more layers of safety compared to striker fired or single action pistols. I can’t really explain it any better than the late Todd Green, so I’m just going to quote a forum post of his from a few years back:

“[With] a trigger pull that is both longer and heavier than most other actions, there is far more tactile feedback that the trigger is being pulled in between the start of inadvertent unintentional movement and the Big Loud Noise. We’ve lost sight of this as a community with the prevalence of ever lighter and …Read the Rest

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