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By Lee Williams

(Screenshot from Bryan Malinowski’s doorbell camera, which shows an ATF agent with a ballistic shield who is about to cover the camera with tape.)by Lee WilliamsThe ATF went to Bryan Malinowski’s West Little Rock home last month spoiling for a gunfight, and they got one. Now, a good man is dead — the latest victim of ATF’s overly aggressive tactics and complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.ATF has yet to comment officially on the March 19 killing, other to claim Malinowski fired first. But Malinowski’s family recently released a statement, which confirms what everyone already knew: It is extremely unlikely that the 53-year-old airport executive knew he was trading gunfire with federal agents. It is far more likely Malinowski believed he was defending himself and his wife from armed home invaders.“Bryan Malinowski was asleep but rose to the sound of the door crashing and located a firearm. His wife believed the noise must have been intruders and she fully believes her husband thought the same. He loaded a magazine into a pistol and emerged from the master bedroom into a hallway leading indirectly to the front entryway. He reached a corner in the hall and looked around it

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