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By Ammoland

Boone and Crockett Club

Evidently, a lot of sportsmen do.

Cecil Lion Protestors
Boone and Crockett Club

MISSOULA, Mont.--( Social media lights up with debates about a host of topics that seemingly just keep coming.

Whether it’s: how far is too far; hunters getting grilled for posting their photos on their Facebook pages; or I’ll never hunt behind a high fence, to shooting hogs with an AR from a helicopter and calling it hunting, or baiting bears is for cowards, how we hunt, or how someone else hunts must matter.

The truth is, it should matter.

We’re hunting today, not solely because of sportsmen’s efforts to restore game populations from dismal to robust, but because in a democratic society hunting is still supported by the majority of citizens.

All significant human activities are sooner or later conducted under a code, or set of guidelines, that direct appropriate behavior. Without this order there would simply be chaos and the activity would become unacceptable. Consequently, ethics apply in everything we do, including hunting. Our game laws direct ethical behavior in many cases, but just because something is legal does that mean it is ethical? Beyond the laws established by society, ethics become a matter of personal choice left …read more

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