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By Rob Morse

Armed Teachers
Armed Teachers

U.S.A. -( Solid facts are rare in the ocean of opinion about arming teachers. Allowing armed defenders in school is a polarized issue with plenty of passion. The legacy news media feeds us lots of emotion but they have relatively little data and analysis.

I asked the best sources I could find if school staff should be armed to protect our students. Their answer was clear.

I spoke to the brain trust at Tactical Defense Institute (TDI). These men and women built the training curriculum recommended for school resource officers (SROs) across the country. These analysts and instructors also provided regional training for SWAT officers. They took their classes across the US to train local law enforcement instructors. They train the trainers.

The instructors at TDI examine police reports to uncover what works and what doesn’t work. It is their job to study new threats on the street and then recommend changes in the way law enforcement officers are trained. They looked at the attacks on our schools and said that school resource officers alone were not enough to protect our students.

For one thing, there were too many times when SROs were not on campus. In …Read the Rest

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