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By G. Halek

Many people throw a pistol in the nightstand next to their beds and that’s the ‘go-to’ gun while they sleep. But, recently, we got a lot of questions from readers who live in situations where that may not be an option.

Because this question got asked many times from different viewpoints, we’re going to break down the big ones and go from there.

Unsure About Sleeping Partners

First question:

“I live in a house with my friend and her boyfriend. However, she also had an ex that has broken into the home during the night. That was awhile ago but it got me thinking that it’s possible, right?

My dad got me a Ruger LC9 for my birthday. At first I just put it in a little drawer on the nightstand but if I have my boyfriend over, I don’t want him accidentally finding it while he’s trying to find something else in that drawer.

Where should I keep my gun so I can use it if I need to but nobody else will stumble onto it unless they know it’s there?”

Basic ingredients:

  • Co-habitation living situation (roommates, etc.)
  • Visitors to bedroom (boyfriend)
  • Known risk of break-in
  • No children

In a co-habitation situation — i.e. you’re living with someone that’s not your …Read the Rest

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