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By Van Harl

Survival Cash Money Wallet


When Your Credit Card Fails To Work

Wisconsin –-( A short road trip to Walgreens was undertaken to pick up a prescription. It was not an important medication. In fact, I had waited a number of weeks before my wife got tired of my procrastinating and she took the prescription in to get it filled.

Then when it was ready there was still a failure to go pick it up. The Colonel advised me she had gotten a number of robocalls from Walgreens reminding her to pick up the meds.

As I walked into the Walgreens an employee advised me their credit card system was down and I could only shop at their drug store if I was prepared to pay in cash. Cash, who the heck carries cash in our modern US business world? I do.

Now the prescription was not that expensive and I only had to pay a co-payment to claim my medication. For me, this mini electric hiccup was really no big deal. However, what if I was a brittle diabetic who had to have the meds right now because I was out, and not taking the insulin could be life threatening? Oh, and I …Read the Rest

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