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By Tom Knighton

State-level gun control can be insidious, but there’s one upside to it over federal gun control. You can leave a state for one that respects your gun rights.

Following both the passage of I-1639 in Washington plus the recent slew of new measures being seriously considered in the state, some Washingtonians are considering making a run for friendlier climates. Others aren’t considering it anymore. They’re doing it.

A slippery-slope, that’s how a veteran describes efforts to restrict who, what and where gun-owners can carry.

With more than 20 gun-related bills in Olympia this session, Second Amendment advocates say they’re starting to feel cornered.

They’re voicing their disapproval with rallies, signs and shouting into megaphones.

Closer to home, two-time combat veteran Steve Krause says he doesn’t think lawmakers respect, or even understand why people like him are upset.

“Laws like this are dividing the country,” he said. “A lot of the people who voted for these gun laws don’t even own guns, they don’t care, it doesn’t affect them.”

But for Krause and his customers, that’s all about to change.

He’s selling the store and moving his young family to Arizona, somewhere he says they take the Second-Amendment seriously.

“I have a choice to either stay here …Read the Rest

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