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Have you ever seen an albino animal?

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Have you ever seen an albino animal?

USA -( Have you ever seen an albino animal? Maybe you’ve seen one, or know someone who has. But albinism is actually quite rare.

Albinism is a genetic condition where cells are unable to melanin, the pigment that results in normal coloration in the skin, scales, eyes, or hair. It can affect people, animals, and even plants, causing them to appear white/pink, or to look bleached.

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There are different types of albinism: pure albino, partial albino, and leucistic.

Pure albino animals usually have pink eyes, nails, scales, and skin. This is the result of red blood vessels showing through the white coloration. Occasionally, albino animals will have light blue or green eyes due to the way light passes through the iris.

Partial albinos can be a little more difficult to identify. Overall coloration can appear normal, along with traces of white. This also applies to their eye coloring where they can be pink or light blue.

On the other hand, leucistic animals have mostly …Read the Rest

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