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By Robert Farago


Everytown for Gun Safety’s #whateverittakes social media campaign throws the gun control movement’s fanaticism into stark relief. Whatever it takes to enact gun control laws, we’re committed to doing it! Enact draconian licensing and registration requirements that leave millions of Americans defenseless against criminals, crazies and the threat of government tyranny? Whatever it takes! Create a law that allows police and relatives to confiscate a legal gun owner’s firearms without due process (with a carve-out for cops)? Whatever it takes! Lie, misrepresent, mischaracterize, manipulate statistics, commission biased studies, sensationalize? Whatever it takes! And where does that lead? If you think about it . . .

The lack of morality inherent in Everytown for Gun Safety’s #whateverittakes campaign signals the civilian disarmament complex’s willingness to do the things that gun rights advocates warn against – and get called paranoid for even suggesting. Would Everytown, the CSGV, the Brady Campaign et al. support the ATF mounting door-to-door confiscation of outlawed “assault weapons” – whether during an emergency (e.g., Hurricane Katrina) or in, say, New York (where tens of thousands of citizens possess banned modern sporting rifles) ? Whatever it takes! They admit it. So now you know.

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