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By Scott Gara

Dave Hartman, Director of Training for Gunsite Academy, trains a student on the range. (Photo: Gunsite)
Defensive firearms training is as important – maybe more so – than owning a gun for self-defense. After all, how good is the gun in your hand if you don’t know how to use it, let alone the legal ramifications behind doing so? So, take it seriously when looking for a defensive firearms instructor.
To make sure your money is being put to best use, we reached out to some of the nation’s premier instructors to get their opinion on what to look for in a quality instructor. Despite various backgrounds, there was a common thread that weaved throughout the language. Below, you’ll find some of the best tips we gathered while talking with these experts.
Look for Credentials
Like a Better Business Bureau or Rotary Club sticker lends credibility to a business, industry credentials do the same for an instructor. Endorsements from training organizations such as the United States Concealed Carry Association, the National Rifle Association, and Gunsite Academy, to name a few, add to the credibility of the instructor. More affiliations mean the instructor has likely been exposed to more schools of thought, leading to a better


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