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The invention of cars, and the subsequent ability to mass produce it for easy public acquisition, is one landmark achievement that has radically transformed the transportation industry. It also kick-started what is now known as the automobile industry which is a global multibillion dollar industry.

It is also worthy to note that innovations keep being made to improve on the abilities and functions of vehicles.

The basic function of a motor vehicle, is to transport both people and their wares from one place to another. While some are designed to mostly carry people, the others are designed to carry both people and their goods. An example of such a vehicle is the truck.

For the truck, its structure, design and the load it usually has to carry may expose it to various forms of damage thus, efforts have to be made to protect it from such. For these reason, spray in bedliners are used to give it some protection.

What Is a Spray-in Bedliner?

This is a product that acts as a shield to the inside of a truck. It is made from a type of polyurethane (also called polyuria) coating. The primary purpose of the bedliner is to protect the bed of a truck from getting scratched, fading in color or even getting damaged.

They are applied to the truck bed in such a way that it totally fits in and merges with the truck bed. You can read more on it here.

How to Get It Done

If you are trying to cut cost and therefore, make the application yourself or you just want to learn how the spray is applied, the following is a guide on how it is done by professionals:

  1. The Truck Is First Pulled In: This is when the technician pulls in the truck to a booth specially made for this purpose.
  2. The Parts Are Removed: This is done to remove anything that might be an obstruction to the proper spraying of the polyurethane. The tail gate is first to be removed, then the other parts of the truck are removed.
  3. Masking: Every other part of the vehicle is now masked off. This is to prevent them from getting sprayed on.
  4. Sanding And Cleaning: Here, a sander is used on all the parts of the bed that will receive the polyurethane. A sander is used because, it makes the surface of the truck bed rough and polyurethane sticks most effectively on rough surfaces.
  5. The Spraying: Here, the technician suits up in the work gear necessary for this part of the process, gets the spray gun and tunes it appropriately and then proceeds to do the job with it.
  6. Removal Of The Masks: At the end of spraying the necessary parts, the masks are now taken off the truck as there is now no need for them to be masked.
  7. Re-installation: At the end of the whole process, the parts of the vehicle earlier removed are brought back and reinstalled. At this point, the job is done.

You can find out more for yourself and see a how a spray-in bedliner is used.

Why You Should Get One

For Ultraviolet (UV) Protection

Everyone knows what ultraviolet rays do to cars, overheating it and the rest. This is more especially so if you reside in areas that experience very hot temperatures like Florida in general and Pensacola in particular.

The car might even change color because of the heat and end up looking older and more faded than it should actually be. You definitely do not want that for your car.

Helps Maintain the Vehicle’s Value

It is financially prudent and smart that you do this so as to help keep your car’s market value. This is because, by spraying your vehicle, the chances of it having signs of wear and tear are reduced hereby making it appear new every time.

Prevents Corrosion of Your Truck Bed

Everything that is made of metal eventually corrodes, and so do even truck beds. For this reason, paints are applied on them. Eventually, age catches up with it. But with a spray in bedliner, you can rest assured that your truck bed would be preserved.

Helps Prevent Slipping

Obviously, trucks are mostly purchased to help haul items for transportation. These items, after having been loaded, might keep slipping or shifting from time to time as the truck sways on the journey. This is bad both for the truck (as it scratches the truck bed) and for the load being transported (as it might be damaged or fall off with all that movement).

Spray-in bedliners protect your truck bed; it also has a tight grip thus, the slipping and shifting is prevented.

It’s Low Maintenance

You really do not have to bother with what it will take to maintain your truck bed. This is because there really would be no need for any repairs in that regard. The only repairs that you have to do are as it concerns the other parts of the vehicle.

It Looks Good

The addition of spray in bedliner in a truck beautifies that truck and gives it a nice look and to a lot of people, looks and aesthetics matter. Again, there are organizations that specialize in car accessories where you can get the best of services. they even have online presence like Therefore, if looks are your thing, you have one more reason to consider doing this.

It Is Made To Fit Precisely

When being installed, the technicians will ensure that it fits perfectly with your truck bed. It is able to do this without taking up your usual truck bed space because, it becomes a part of your truck.


It is only smart and expected that an owner should try to take actions that will preserve their belongings. This is the reason why people take certain actions to ensure that their belongings are properly maintained so that they will last longer.

Getting a spray in bedliner is one such way of taking the right measures to preserve your truck.

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