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By Rob Morse

Moving Guns

By Rob Morse : Opinion

What Should Small Government Conservatives Do Living In Deep Blue States
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-( What should small government conservatives do if they live in a deep blue state?

More conservatives and libertarians living in socialists states face that question every day. You’re held in contempt and you face injustice at every turn.

The idea of “live and let live” is a thing of the past. It doesn’t matter that you grew up there. Now, state and local politicians pass laws designed to drive you out.

What should you do and where should you go?

But I grew up here. State politics changed around me. Why do I have to change, not them?

Let’s talk heart to heart. Yes, it is unfair that you might have to move in order to find freedom. Once upon a time this place felt like home. It doesn’t feel that way today. Still, I get it. The injustice is real. What your neighbors do isn’t up to you. What you do is up to you. What will you do to bring justice to this unjust world? It isn’t as if the Socialist majority in …Read the Rest

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