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By Scott Gara

Midwest Industries is a small company that’s made a big impact in the gun parts world. They seemingly have a part for nearly all makes and models of guns. Ryan Hale, Customer Support and Sales for Midwest Industries, told us “We dabble in just about everything. We have your AR parts, Galil parts, MCX parts, SCAR parts, parts for parts.” Odds are if you’re looking for a part Midwest Industries probably has it or sells it on their website. Not everything is necessarily straightforward either, they have some exotic stuff you’re bound to find anywhere else. Not pictured in the video was a handguard for a lever action Henry in the shop. “The purists will say it’s stupid, but they haven’t shot one of these with our handguard on it. It shoots like a completely different gun and it’s much lighter,” Hale said.
But niche products like handguards for lever guns isn’t where the company made its bread and butter. “This is the year of the AR for us,” said Hale, noting that the company is getting back to its basics and what they are as a company. One of the new innovative designs for the AR platform would be their


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