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By Don McDougall

Right to Carry Laws by State


What Has & Does The NRA Do Anyway?

USA – -( If you are a regular reader of AmmoLand News you’ve seen that the flood of the anti-NRA forces are out in full force, one of the activists even said they hoped that Cuomo was successful in destroying the NRA. So this leads many members to a question… What does the NRA do? What has the NRA done, that no one else could do to keep your rights safe.

Without the NRA Hillary Would Be President the NRA spent an estimated $100 million to get Donald Trump elected, and more than likely Al Gore would have defeated GWB a decade earlier. That turn of events would have meant that by now an activist packed U.S. Supreme Court would have banned gun ownership and gutted the Second Amendment from our Bill of Rights.

Right to Carry Laws by State

While the story of Right to Carry is well known, many are not aware of the equally important success that the NRA had in advancing Firearm Preemption laws in state legislatures. These laws generally preclude local governments from enacting any additional regulations on firearms or ammunition beyond state law. Without firearm preemption, …Read the Rest

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