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By Rob Morse


By Rob Morse : Opinion

What Does the American Majority Think? – Blame Gun Owners
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

USA –-( What do most of us think about legal gun owners? In theory, legally armed Americans are is just like anyone else, except they are armed and statistically much more law abiding. In practice, unarmed America views firearms owners with fear and distrust, and they commit more crimes.

The news and entertainment media built a false image of legal gun owners. These distortions leave honest gun owners as political scapegoats. I discussed the differences between armed and unarmed america.

Now let’s focus on the majority view.

What Does Unarmed America Think About Guns?

Pew Research released recent reports describing the views of non-gun owners. Firearms owners are a minority of the US adult population. Distilling their impression from dozens of reports, the unarmed majority are afraid of guns and gun owners. The majority thinks armed america is dangerous. This shows in their personal and their political preferences.

Unarmed America thinks firearms education is essential. The majority think gun owners should take firearm safety classes. We never learn if unarmed america has actually …Read the Rest

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