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By Tom Knighton

I get to see a lot of stupid from day-to-day, but I recently came across a letter to the editor that just had me shaking my head. A woman in Fargo, North Dakota of all places took issue with the acceptance of hunting in the city, especially in its newspaper.

Personally I feel that loving nature and killing wildlife are mutually exclusive. I am appalled at this woman’s glee over taking the life of animals in their own habitat. And I am disgusted at having her story front and center in my newspaper. It belongs in a “Outdoorsmen” magazine or a Scheels hunting ad.

I expect many angry responses to my opinion. And that’s fine; I’m angry too. I also expect most hunters to ask the same old tired question of me: Do I eat meat? If you ask that question then you are not listening to me. My primary issues are twofold: killing animals in their own environment and the character of people who do so, and for sport, no less. Shame on you.

All I can do is shake my head…until I remember that people like her exist, and their number may well be growing.

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