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By Tom Knighton

Over the last week, the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh has been a freaking circus. It’s been a complete and total trainwreck.

From the moment he was announced as the nominee, the left went nuts. They started talking about the Handmaid’s Tale and how Kavanaugh was going to turn the country into a theocratic dictatorship within a week of him taking his seat on the Supreme Court.

However, over at The American Thinker, writer Michael Filozof thinks it’s really all about another topic.

The Kavanaugh confirmation is about the future, not refighting the cultural battles of the 1970s. And next up on the Democratic agenda is sweeping, national gun control – and possibly even confiscation. In the 2016 campaign, candidate Hillary Clinton stated that the U.S. needed to consider the Australian model of a national semi-automatic gun ban. California congressman Eric Swalwell went even farther, explicitly endorsing an Australian-style mandatory gun “buyback” and “going after resisters” here in the U.S. Prior to the passage of the infamous “SAFE” Act in 2013, New York’s Gov. Cuomo publicly stated that “confiscation could be an option.” H.R. 5087, the Assault Weapons …Read the Rest

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