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By Tom Knighton

I get Google Alerts every morning on a variety of topics. Because of my work here at Bearing Arms, it includes terms like “guns,” “gun control,” and “stand your ground,” among others.

This means I get to see bits of news from all over the world as they relate to these terms. That’s how I saw a letter to the editor in South Africa all about how the violent African nation needs more gun control.

“Alarmed father accidentally stabs son to death”; “Gangster with bow and arrow kills pupil in schoolyard from the street”; “12 mourners beaten to death in minibus taxi on main road”. All highly improbable incidents anywhere in civilised society, but change the weapons deployed to firearms and we have three of the shocking headlines that have beset our gun-toting country in the past month.

After the slaughter on the R74 last weekend, our police minister mentioned, in the small print, a tightening up on control of gun licences, together with an amnesty period. Don’t waste your time, Mr Cele. Get real, get a grip and ban all private ownership of handguns and automatic weapons, and severely restrict licensing of hunting rifles.

Then, after a brief amnesty period, …Read the Rest

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