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By Matt Walsh

Image source: The Boston Globe

The cover of the Boston Glob (note: I originally meant to type “Globe” but then realized that my typo is oddly appropriate, so I’m leaving it) today features a big, scary gun and the words “Make It Stop.” The paper calls for a ban on “assault weapons” in order to “stop gun violence.” The left is hailing this as “courageous,” as if it takes courage to engage in meaningless and popular platitudes.

Image source: The Boston Globe

The Glob’s stand is not brave and it’s not unprecedented. It is merely echoing the sentiments of many people in our culture. We need to stop bad things, they say, and the way to do this is to pass another set of laws. It’s explained that we will place these laws on top of the 1,000 layers of pre-existing laws, and finally this last layer will be the thing that “makes it stop.”

Of course, this country’s original law – the Constitution – is contradicted and ultimately erased by many of the laws on top of it. This is by design. The left views the law as the problem, and in …Read the Rest

Source:: The Blaze

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