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By Dave Bahde

Henry Big Boy All Weather

Henry Big Boy All Weather

The popularity of the pistol-caliber carbine has grown exponentially over the last few years. More and more folks are seeing the value of a fast-handling carbine set up to fire a light-recoil cartridge. Whether it is used as a truck gun, varmint rifle or home-defense weapon, the ability to place shots quickly and accurately makes the pistol-caliber carbine a valued addition to most folks’ gun collections.

American Eagle


FIRST LOOK: The Lever-Action Henry American Eagle .22 Rifle

Naturally most people think of an AR-platform gun when they hear the term “pistol-caliber carbine,” and there are many fine guns set up to run with Glock magazines and chambered in 9mm. Their speed and accuracy make them perfect for competition and all-around use. But these ARs are not legal everywhere, and the 9mm chambering may be a bit anemic for some folks’ taste. And that’s where the Henry Big Boy All-Weather comes in. The lever action is legal for hunting nearly everywhere, and the …Read the Rest

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