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By Liz Darnell

Just so you understand how important water is, an average person drinks about 4 quarts or liters of water a day to replace lost body fluids through perspiration, sweat, urinating and heavy breathing. And as time goes on and you fail to replace these lost body fluids, that’s when your troubles will begin like dehydration, exhaustion, fatigue, hypothermia, brain lock, etc, which can and most likely lead to death.

And so if there’s two important things you need to remember when it comes to not having any water to drink and that is:

DON’T eat because in order to digest food properly you need water, lots of it.

DON’T drink any suspected contaminated, discolored and or smelly water without first filtering and purifying it or it could give you diarrhea and or make you vomit thus speeding up your dehydration and death too.

So how do you get pure water in a survival situation?

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