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By Jenn Jacques

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At least one police officer in Cincinnati, Ohio can tell you first hand that criminals who shouldn’t have guns will do anything to get their hands on them, even if they’re in police custody.

The surveillance video shows Thomas Robinson, 23, in a police station interrogation room Tuesday after he was arrested for and charged with murder for the shooting death of 17-year-old Joseph Reno Armstrong Jr. on June 17.

While officers exchanged handcuffs on Robinson Tuesday, Cincinnati police wrote in court record he “grabbed (a) police officer’s weapon in an attempt to remove from the hoslter (sic). During the struggle, PO (James) Ball was struck in the face causing injuries to his lip and facial area.”

Officer Ball can be heard on the video yelling for help, and as two other officers work to wrestle Robinson off Ball, the young man can be heard yelling “Kill me!” several times. The officers tased him several times, ultimately regaining control of the suspect.

According to police, at the time of his arrest, Robinson was also in possession of heroin, which officers found in his sock when he was arrested, as well as a loaded 9 mm handgun with a round in the …Read the Rest

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