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By Andre M. Dall’au

SIG ammunition landed a coveted military contract for .300 Win. Mag.

The Super Bowl is the single most premier sporting event in this country, and billions of football fans view the game world-wide. However, it is not just a few hours of football, but the culmination of hundreds of thousands of hours of preparation by tens of thousands of people to make the Super Bowl super. Besides the athletics, entertainment, logistics of food and parking, and the movement of tens of thousands of people, it is also the protection of everyone involved, including the people within Hard Rock Stadium in Miami on game day.


Army Selects SIG SAUER for .300 Win Mag Sniper Ammunition

Super Bowl LIV Sniper Training

Weeks before Super Bowl LIV, TacFlow Academy’s Director of Sniper Training, Mark Lang, and his fellow instructors trained more than 20 police snipers at the Hard Rock Stadium to prepare for deploying at various Overwatch Positions (OP). The instruction included classroom work and non-kinetic training, including anti-drone demonstrations, but most of the time the police snipers were behind their rifles, first demonstrating that they could consistently place ALL of their shots into a small (2×2 inches) diamond target from any distance, any angle and in any condition, and then during drills …Read the Rest

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