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Watch "Food Plot Guru" Video FREE on
Watch “Food Plot Guru” Video FREE on

WEST POINT, MS – -( The latest episode of “The Specialists” from Mossy Oak Capture features Mossy Oak BioLogic’s Austin Delano as he tells the story of his evolution from a kid who liked to hunt and worked on a farm to an industry-leading and highly respected GameKeeper.

Delano’s obsession with growing food plots and big deer started in 2004. A specific buck Delano acquired a picture of captivated his attention to the point of obsession. The picture was of the deer when he was an estimated 3 ½ years old and scored around 120 inches. The buck went on to survive another two years and grew into a true monarch of the woods when he became a fully mature 5 ½-year-old Alabama trophy, scoring in the mid-170 inch range.

<img title="“When somebody calls me a food plot specialist or ‘The Food Plot Guru,' it's humbling and I guess I'm proud of someone to think of me that way, but I've just been doing this a long time and growing stuff is just part of who I am and what I do,” said Delano" src="×400.jpg?8cf86b" alt="“When somebody calls me a food plot specialist …Read the Rest

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