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By Brandon Curtis

If you want to be intimidating, this is a good method to deploy.

According to reports, a man was hooking his boat up to his vehicle when a police officer was driving through the neighborhood. At some point, the man starts filming the officer with his phone, and the officer apparently didn’t like that.

In retaliation, the officer began filming the man, and then gets out of his police car to see what’s going on.

courtesy YouTube / Don McComas

“Take your hand out of your pocket,” the officer tells the man.

The man replied, “No Sir, I’ve done nothing. I’ve done absolutely nothing. No.”

Within seconds upon exiting his police car, the officer draws his firearm from it’s holster.

He keeps the firearm in his hand for at least 1 minute, based on the video.

Based on the dialogue between the two, it would seem that the man feels the police station has some corruption going on, which is probably why he decided to film the officer in the first place.

Any way you cut it, I’m not so certain that the officer should have exited his vehicle just because someone was filming him, which is not against the law by any stretch of the imagination.

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