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By Bob Owens

The Washington Post editorial board likes to think that they’re very clever… even smart. Unfortunately, they consistently prove that they are anything but well-informed.

They did so again yesterday when they attempted to blame the FBI NICS background check system for failures that allowed the racist who murdered nine innocent Emanuel A.M.E. Zion Church to obtain a Glock 41 pistol from a local gun store.

On Friday, FBI Director James B. Comey offered a revelation that casts new light on that impasse. D_____ R___*, Mr. Comey told reporters, should have failed a federal background check. The 21-year-old racist admitted to illegal narcotics possession in February, which should have prevented him from purchasing a firearm. Instead, Mr. R___ bought the .45-caliber pistol allegedly used in the attack on Charleston’s Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church from a South Carolina gun store without setting off alarm bells. Bureaucratic wires between South Carolina and Washington got crossed, and a federal analyst didn’t see Mr. R___’s admission.

Mr. Comey’s revelation should, first, inspire a lot of soul-searching among federal law enforcement. They aren’t responsible for Mr. R___’s virulent racism, but they failed in the narrow area of responsibility that the nation entrusted to them. Congress has …read more

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