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By Mike Searson

Walther PPQ M2 Pistol : Proof Marks

Mike Searson, takes the Walther PPQ M2 Pistol in 45 ACP to the range and comes back very happy.

Walther PPQ M2 Pistol Front Slide Serrations
Mike Searson
Mike Searson


Walther PPQ M2 Pistol : Proof Marks

The Walther PPQ (Police Pistol Quick Defense Trigger) 45 M2 is the company’s first effort in a 45 ACP pistol and it is a damn good one. The pistol ships in a hard case with a standard and larger interchangeable back straps. It sports adjustable sights, a polygonal rifled barrel, Tenifer finish and is fully ambidextrous.

When the pistol arrived the first thing I noticed was the grip and how perfect it felt when I grabbed it. If Walther has ever consistently gotten one thing right over the past three decades, it is the grip angle. Then I noticed the proof marks on the slide and probably said aloud how they reminded me of the same markings on my H&K pistols (well duh, they’re German proof marks, idiot).

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