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By Daniel Terrill

Walther CEO Bernhard Knoebel posing next a display of new Walther PPK pistols during SHOT Show 2019 in Las Vegas. (Photo: Daniel Terrill/
The iconic German handgun — cemented in pop culture by the James Bond films — the Walther PPK will once again be available for purchase in the U.S. Walther USA marketing manager Cody Osborn explained the reasoning behind the move was simple. “It hasn’t been available and everybody wants one,” he said.
“That’s been our most asked for gun over the past four or five years — where’s the PPK at?” Osborn said and explained it has taken that long to organize the logistics to bring the guns stateside. Of course, the immediate challenge was getting paperwork in order because “you can’t import pocket guns,” Osborn added.
While the PPK had been available before when Smith & Wesson owned Walther, they separated almost six years ago and Walther opened its own facility in Fort Smith, Arkansas, so, in a way, the company had to start from scratch. “Smith & Wesson did the importing for it before — importing and manufacturing — but we cut ties with them and built our own facilities in 2012,” Osborn said.
(Photo: Daniel Terrill/
(Photo: Daniel Terrill/


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