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By Monte Bowen

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While fighting gun control bills in Congress is oftentimes a straightforward process – politicians in the D.C. Swamp like to hide gun control deep inside “must pass” spending bills. 
Worse is when anti-gun politicians strip pro-gun language from funding bills in order to undermine our rights. 
And with major funding deadlines and a potential shutdown rapidly approaching, that means GOA’s fight at the national level is going to be related to the appropriations process and defending the Second Amendment from sneak attacks in Congress. 
And with your grassroots activism, we have a real chance of stopping the Biden administration from banning lead ammunition and curtailing shooting on certain public lands .
Because you are a Washington resident and voter, I need you to contact Senator Patty Murray and tell her to stand up for gun owners and stop the assault on our Second Amendment. 
From his efforts to destroy 58-year-old hunter safety and shooting programs in America’s schools, to a plan to ban commonly used ammunition, Joe Biden has instituted an all-out war against hunters and recreational shooters. 
My Gun Owners of America colleague

Source: Gun Owners of America

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