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Vortex has released new Viper HD scopes with three magnification levels: 2-10x42mm (two models), 3-15x44mm (three models), and 5-25x50mm (four models). Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) are $599.99 for the 2-10X, $699.99-$749.99 for the 3-15X, and $899.99-$999.99 for the 5-25X optics. Both FFP and SFP options are offered.
This Vortex Product Video (released on 5/9/2024) covers the new Viper HD Scopes. Vortex staffer Jimmy explains the features of the new Viper HD 2-10x42mm SFP, Viper HD 3-15x44mm SFP, and Viper HD 5-25x50mm SFP and FFP hunting riflescopes. These all have 30mm tubes.

Important features for these new Viper HD scopes are:
• HD OPTICAL SYSTEMS ensure superior light transmission and enhanced resolution
• ILLUMINATED RETICLES enhance accuracy and contrast at dawn and dusk
• DEAD-HOLD® BDC & TECHNICAL RETICLE options streamline wind and elevation adjustments
• CAPPED & EXPOSED LOCKING TURRET options safeguard against accidental changes and allow for rapid holdovers and adjustments
• REVSTOP® ZERO SYSTEM (exposed turret models) enables quick and reliable return to zero
The new Viper 2-10x44mm and 3-15x44mm scopes are primarily designed for game hunting. We expect the higher magnification (5-25X) models to be used by varminters and PRS/NRL competitors. The versatile higher magnification Viper HD 5-25×50 comes in four variants: two Second Focal

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